Plate Processor by Systemtechnik Peter Haase GmbH (Germany)

Plate Processor by Systemtechnik Peter Haase GmbH (Germany)

CTP Plate Processor OE47

The standard processor for almost all plates and applications offers a great cost-value ratio.

The innovative OE47 plate processor is available in both versions: on-line and stand-alone version.

The OE47 is HAASE‘S perfect fit of a plate processor, which covers most of the applications in the printing industry. The easy-to-use interface allows an easy and safe operation. Unique components are designed to last for a long time.

1. Cleaning cycles are extended by using extra developer and water filters (optional)
2. The OE47 highlights a strong chain drive plus robust motors. A big roller diameter minimizes adjustment work.
3. Maintenance work is minimized by an easy access to the well designed electric switch box.
4. The machine functions are activated by an inductive sensor as well as the optional plate jam control for on-line application. An optional 2nd developer brush ensures a safe developing process of the offset plates.

The temperature of the developer is perfectly controlled by an electric cooling device.


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