Jul 2010

Kuwait : Global Graphics Launches basysPrint UV Setter Series 800

Kuwait : Global Graphics Launches basysPrint UV Setter Series 800

Global graphics Art Suppliers announced the installation of a UV-setter from basysPrint at Al Masaieed Printing Press in Kuwait. The UV Setter 800 Digital Screen Imaging machine is a ctp platesetter capable of handling all plate formats up to a maximum of 1,150mm x 940mm.
The digital plate setter uses DSI3 imaging technology with one imaging head for conventional printing plates, fully automated (plate handling, interleave paper removal) and including one retractable register system.

basysPrint, a division of Punch Graphix N.V. from Belgium, develops, manufactures and distributes prepress equipment and related software for offset printing in the commercial and newspaper sectors under the basysPrint brand name.
Ayman Abou El Farag, General Manager of Global graphics, said, “The basysPrint machines were the first, and until recently the only ones, to use UV-sensitive offset plates technology. The main advantage of the machine is that printers can continue to use conventional offset plates that are still cheaper than the plates designed specifically for other CtP setters. basysPrint technology lowers the threshold for filmless printing, particularly for medium-sized firms printing relatively high volumes, for whom the cost of the plate is key.”

Punch Graphix sales manager Tom De Langhe added, “At present, basysprint is the only high quality computer to plate system that is very reliable and offers the customer savings up to 30% on the consumables. In the current tough economic situation, printers are looking for ways to minimize their production costs, and basysPrint works toward offering the best solutions to help them. Even by investing money on new ctp equipment they can save money with basysPrint.”
“basysPrint platesetters are distinguished by their user-friendliness and reliability. They lay the foundation for exceptionally high-quality printing. With the Series 400, 800, 6 and 11 UV-Setters, basysPrint is primarily aiming at the commercial, packaging and book printing markets, as well as at medium and large-sized printing companies. The Series 11, 15 and 16 are suitable for printing large format posters,” Tom said.


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