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No request is out of the question. As quickly folded pages are coming off the machine, one after another, looking as beautiful as ever. Especially Glue system is extraordinary. First time to have the brand GUK in Kuwait.

Mr. Mohammad Abu Khalid, G.M Al Khat ( GUK FOLDING MACHINE )

A great customer experience! The flexibility, speed and the quality is exceptional. Thank you for giving us the best machine. It is truly a money printing machine.

Mr. Suleiman Al-Nawawreh, M.D Al-Assariya ( XANTE )

Measure twice print once. I would recommend them highly as they are very competitively priced as well as after sales customer service oriented.

Mr. Muhammad Saleh, G.M Ressala ( XANTE )

Quality, cost, user friendly and fast turnaround time. This machine performs well economically, with no hassle at all…!.

Mr. Abdul Nasir, G.M Greenland ( XANTE )

I am glad to be a part of this wonderful machine. I was doubtful at first because UV Dryers is a totally new concept in our industry especially in this region. But we are so satisfied that we made the right choice. Our market reputation got much better due to high printing quality.

It is most important to mention that we kept continue our production during installation and upgrade. Very smart people worked on the project — they provided great insight and brought experience to the project. And the team was very prompt able to respond quickly to the enhance project requirements.

Mr. Yasser Al Zain, G.M Al Rai News Paper ( GWS INSTALLATION )

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